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亚搏手机版官方登录-名记揭华夏幸福后勤保障:每天工作20小时 备300斤冰块
发布时间:2021-09-29 00:46:02

The first stage of the Chinese Super League officially ended. Hebei Huaxia Fortune, who performed well in Group B and advanced into the championship group ahead of schedule, has received widespread attention from the outside world. There is no doubt that the achievements and progress made by China Fortune Land Development this season are obvious to all, especially this year as the club’s investment tends to be rational, no matter from the pertinence of signings, the cost-effectiveness of signings, as well as the team's spirit and logistics guarantee The team and other aspects all reflect the feeling of value for money and making the best use of everything. Especially the team's logistics support team, from the beginning of winter training to the end of the first stage of the game, their hard work is no less than the hard work of the players and coaching team. The well-known reporter Yuan Ye also wrote an article today to share with you the daily life of the China Fortune Logistics team, and let everyone know how such a team can finally achieve its goals through hard work.


According to Yuan Ye, the Huaxia Fortune coaching staff has formulated a detailed physical training plan during the winter training at the beginning of the season and during the epidemic. Through pre-season home training and months of preparations at the base to maintain the team's physical and physical condition Good, this is one of the main reasons why the team is getting better.


For example, for several foreign players who arrived later in the competition area, the coaching staff has also tailored a special training plan for them to help them meet their physical requirements as soon as possible. In addition, the technical analysis team will send the game video and analysis to the coaching team in time after each game. In addition, they will edit the opponent's highlights for coaching and player learning and research.


Before entering the competition area, the medical security team of China Fortune Land also specially assigned team doctors, masseurs and recovery divisions from the reserve team. With such a intensive schedule, these staff can also speed up the recovery of the players’ muscles and the treatment of some injuries. . This kind of intensity and pressure can be imagined. There must be medical protection during the training every day, and the players must be treated and massaged to relax at the end of the game. The average working time is 20 hours a day. The ice cubes prepared for the team alone amount to 150 a day. kg.

在进入比赛区域之前,中国财富置地的医疗保障团队还专门从后备团队中分配了团队医生,按摩师和康复部门。通过如此密集的日程安排,这些员工还可以加快球员肌肉的恢复和某些受伤的治疗。 。可以想象出这种强度和压力。每天训练期间都必须有医疗保护,并且在比赛结束时必须对运动员进行治疗和按摩,使其放松。平均工作时间为每天20小时。仅为团队准备的冰块每天就达到150个。公斤。

These staff have almost no rest time after entering the competition area. During the game and training, the China Fortune Medical team formulated a personalized plan for each person's physical characteristics and injuries, and through special treatments, the players can quickly recover to play. After 14 high-intensity and high-density games, the team did not have a serious injury to show that their results were remarkable.


Take Malkang as an example. In many games, it seems that he has been exhausted and he has fallen to the ground for treatment many times. However, he can be resurrected with full blood through active recovery treatment. Not only does he start the game, he always kills his opponent in the final stage.


In addition, the logistical support team is inseparable from the team. They are fully prepared in advance for accommodation, travel, meals and every training game to ensure that their work is foolproof. They often arrive at the work place first and leave last. Compared with players, their job requirements are more detailed and boring. Yuan Ye also highlighted the game room specially designed by China Fortune for the players. These are also personally arranged by their logistics support team to ease the pressure of players' training and competition.


After the successful relegation of China Fortune, the coach Xie Feng expressed his gratitude to the staff on behalf of the coaching staff. After the match against Qingdao, the team, led by the team leader Lang Zheng, walked to the sidelines to pay tribute to the staff. Yuan Ye concluded: China Fortune Land Development’s results are by no means accidental. From the management and various departments to the player coaching team, all the concerted efforts and dedications, with these, the rewards are logical.


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