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亚搏手机版官方登录_王汝恒:山东男篮因信任选我做队长 刘毅:新赛季盼打出特点
发布时间:2021-10-05 00:46:01

In the new season, the Shan Dong Wang men's basketball team has adjusted significantly. Veteran Zhang Qingpeng retired, Wu Ke, Zhu Rongzhen, and Li Honghan left the team. Gao Shiyan and Guo Xu were loaned from the Liaoning men's basketball team. Liu Yi, captain of Beijing Sport University, joined the team. Wang Ruheng, born in 1990, is already the oldest domestic player on the team. In the new season, his role is changing. He was appointed as the team captain.


In the new season, Wang Ruheng will also take on more responsibilities. "To appoint me as captain, I think the club’s trust in me is first of all, hoping that I can bring positive energy to the team and make the team better and better. The offseason this season is relatively short, and our team has With many new aids, what we have to do next is to run in as soon as possible and hurry up to adapt." Wang Ruheng said.

在新的季节,王如恒还将承担更多责任。 “任命我为队长,首先我认为俱乐部对我的信任,希望我能为球队带来积极的力量并使球队变得越来越好。本赛季的休赛期相对较短,我们的球队拥有许多新的辅助工具,我们下一步要做的就是尽快投入并赶紧适应。”王如恒说。

In the previous CBA draft, the No. 10 pick of the Shan Dongxi Wang Men's Basketball Team chose Liu Yi from Beijing Sport University. At present, the Shan Dongxi Wang Men’s Basketball Team is preparing for the training base of the Provincial Sports Bureau. Liu Yi once said, “I loved basketball since I was a child. I was only 140 pounds when I was admitted to the North University of Sports. Come stronger. I usually pay more attention to the CBA competition, but because we also have the task of the game, it is rare to have the opportunity to watch a complete game. Thanks to the trust of the King of Mountain and West, I will try my best to put my best Present to everyone."


Now, Liu Yi has been training with the team for more than a month. Liu Yi also feels that he still has a lot to improve on the career path. "On the one hand, physical fitness needs to be improved, because the professional league confrontation intensity is very strong. The physical requirements are also stricter, and there is also the shooting skills. In contrast, there are more open opportunities in college student leagues, and professional leagues often do not have such opportunities. Therefore, I need to further refine my shot connection."

现在,刘毅已经在团队训练了一个多月。刘毅还认为,他的职业道路上还有很多需要改进的地方。 “一方面,身体素质需要提高,因为职业联赛的对抗强度非常强。身体要求也更加严格,而且还有投篮技巧。相比之下,大学生联赛有更多的开放机会,而职业联赛通常没有这种机会。因此,我需要进一步完善自己的投篮联系。”

For the next new season, Liu Yi is also full of expectations: "My playing style is relatively tough and dare to confront. I belong to the system and will not occupy too much ball power. I hope I will do my part for the team in the new season. Strength, play your own characteristics on the court."




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